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Common AV Problems

"We need someone to mount our new TV."

How do we set up our wireless network?

My Media Centre is not working correctly.

I need a new TV what should i buy?

I need someone to set up my new gear on the weekend.

I want to hire some AV gear for a party .

If you have any of the above problems or something similar you have come to the right place!

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If you want to buy some new AV equipment on the Northern Beaches and would like to look through our catalogue.

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Audio Visual Equipment Installation TV, Media Center, Sound Gear, Wireless Systems

With the amazing level of technology we have today, correctly installing Audio Visual gear can be a complicated process and often requires specialist tools, knowledge and experience to achive a 1st class result.

At Northern Beaches AV we have qualified electricians and cable installers, we have the correct training and insurance to cover you during the fitting and the work is under guarantee for 12 months.

From a simple Plasma screen mount to a smart wired house we have the correct products and experience to ensure that you receive the highest quality work at the right price.

Our installers can come to you on a weekend when you are home or after hours if there is something special you need.

We Install all types of AV equipment to HOMES, SCHOOLS, BUSINESS, BOATS and more.

With the introduction of high speed broadband getting ever closer we are gearing up to provide a top quality service to home owners and businesses alike in running the cables required to provide for this new level of broadband speed. This will be revolutionary to the home owner but will require the correct insallation and cabling speak to us now for a quote.

We also offer a thermal imaging service to businesses who need their power checked for hot spots on a yearly basis. Our technician is qualified to provide you with the correct documentation to ensure your Insurance and public liability Insurance complies with national standards.

Our mission is to debunk the tech blurb, speak plain english and deliver quality installations and equipment at the best price available.

AV Set Up

We can set up your recently purchased equipment that you may be struggling with or equipment purchased through us. If have special requirements that is no problem we will make it work the way you want it.

Call 0402 183 384 to discuss further.