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Common Problems

"We need someone to mount our new TV."

How do we set up our wireless network?

My Media Centre is not working correctly.

I need a new TV what should i buy?

I need someone to set up my new gear on the weekend.

I want to hire some AV gear for a party .

If you have any of the above problems or something similar you have come to the right place!

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Audio Visual equipment and setup Common Problems

We get many phone calls from people who are frustrated that something they have purchased may not work they way it was sold to them. Some shops give great advice and some not so good depending on the level of knowledge they have of the equipment.

We need someone to mount our new TV.

Mounting a television on the wall seems fairly straightfoward if you have the right bracket and a nice soild wall. In reality every home is different and there are various decisions to make once you get you TV home. Power points, wall joists, ambient light and the physical size of some of these TV's can restrict where it goes. Our base price is around $400 including the bracket if you need anything extra we will discuss this with you before comencing work.

How do we set up our wireless network? / My Media Centre is not working correctly,

Wireless networks are part of our daily lives and are easy to use but vary from device to device and brand to brand let us help you maximize your experience from the outset, from internet to audio and video streaming.

Media Centre's can be confusing to set up correctly and assumes some computer knowledge and that you have TV tuner cards and the like. Problems like recordings not working, aerial adjustment and video breakup are common along with with general internet and ADSL modems being incompatible etc.. You can see that it becomes very complex very quickly.

I need someone to set up my new gear on the weekend or in the evening.

We specialise in working at hours that others don't and have found that this service is what sets us apart from other 9-5 firms, we can come when it suits you and don't charge extra. Either weekends or in the evening we still offer free quotes and the same rate as other local companies charge during the week.

I want to hire some AV gear for a party on the Northern Beaches.

People want to hire equipment for backyard parties, or a function at a Golf Club and the like, we offer a complete solution and deliver and setup the gear for you.

We also offer weekend and after hours work as we understand your working during the day too, and dont charge any extra for that its just part of the service we offer.

Audio Visual equipment and setup Solutions on the Northern Beaches of Sydney

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a solution to any problem you may encounter and if for some reason we cannot resolve it we have a network of partners that we can call on if something needs a specific repair or a particular item is not available through our suppliers. We have four qualified electricians in our team along with and graduates with broadcast technology backgrounds.

More importantly we offer free advice and all our work is guaranteed for 12mths.