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Common AV Problems

"We need someone to mount our new TV."

How do we set up our wireless network?

My Media Centre is not working correctly.

I need a new TV what should i buy?

I need someone to set up my new gear on the weekend.

I want to hire some AV gear for a party .

If you have any of the above problems or something similar you have come to the right place!

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If you want to buy some new AV equipment on the Northern Beaches and would like to look through our catalogue.

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Professional Home Theatre Installation on the Northern Beaches

With so many brands and variations of home theatre gear it can be daunting to select the right combination and type for your specific needs.

To get the most rewarding media experience in your home it is vital to have your equipment set up correctly. Viewing distance from your screen based on size and speaker placement based on room shape are just two of the many important considerations which must be taken into account.

DVD, Blu-Ray, Media Centre PC's and Foxtel boxes must all work together to ensure trouble free viewing.

Proper wall mounting and cabling using the correctly rated component will make your experience more enjoyable whilst having peace of mind that your expensive equipment will stay safely where it is intended.

We have Public Liability insurance that will cover the install and the right tools and years of experience.

We also have a broad selection of mounting styles to suit your decor and can offer consultancy before you make a purchase.

Careful consideration at the start will save time later so talk to us now.

Call 0402 183 384 to discuss or arrange for us to visit your home for a consultation.