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Common AV Problems

"We need someone to mount our new TV."

How do we set up our wireless network?

My Media Centre is not working correctly.

I need a new TV what should i buy?

I need someone to set up my new gear on the weekend.

I want to hire some AV gear for a party .

If you have any of the above problems or something similar you have come to the right place!

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If you want to buy some new AV equipment on the Northern Beaches and would like to look through our catalogue.

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Computers and Wireless Networking, Sonos Audio Systems and Control 4

Media Centres and Wireless networks are becoming common features of the modern home.

Besides allowing a convenient way for the family to stay connected at home, they allow flexibilty with your media files anywhere in the home allowing playout wherever you have the various screens and computers.

They can be tricky to setup correctly and have a habit of dropping out when there are power outages and the like, we can install a new system for you or provide support for an existing setup if you are having problems.

Get ready for the National broadband rollout and the media access of the future and speak to us today we are gearing up to offer a one stop shop to have your home setup on time and fully functional.

We recommend SONOS for your wireless audio system for the home it is proven worldwide and is a product that can work with your Ipad or Iphone, very easy to install and use it will provide trouble free operation for years to come.

Similarly Universal remote controllers can be time consuming to setup we can maximize your enjoyment by getting this right for you. Controlling your devices from one unit is a must in a modern home theatre. We recommend the Aeros MX-850 check out the SMH article, it easy to use and is stable and reliable.

The IPad is also fast becoming a favourite controller ask us about using yours as a controller in the home.